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:" I am 18 years old and it is because of the support, encouragement, mentoring, tutoring and  assistance provided to me and my family,  I was able to graduate. I am headed to college and will always be thankful to OHOLLC. This organization has changed my life".  


"Other programs treated my family of 7 as just another program participant. The staff of OHO LLC worked hard , and went over and beyond to ensure that my children and I were treated as people and not just "participants. During our time of fleeing domestic violence and facing homelessness the staff ensured that my children were able to maintain  their educational resources and receive the assisted educational support services needed.  The staff help me to manage my behavior health needs and was also impactful to my children as well. Despite being in a challenging situation my children and I received the needed support and assistance needed.  From March 2021 until now, the organization has ensured that we are treated fairly and clarify information I may not understand that I am receiving from others.  The Staff at OHO were amazing and assisted me with communicating to other parties the importance of activities that needed to occur so that we would not be homeless again.  OHO LLC help manage stress, anxiety, depression and PTSD. We will recommend OHOLLC  to any persons needing support.  " 30 year old female


Family Using a Tablet
"My sister and I met staff when we are 9 and 11. Different things have happened and we continued to need assistance. We are thankful that from assisting us in learning about things necessary for our development as young ladies, ensuring we received the additional LEARNING support  we needed and assisting our dad in ensuring we received all financial assistance that we needed, I am happy to have to have  people I trust and who can be available when there is a need."


"I was unaware of the types of resources and support that would assist me as a 22 year old single mom. OHO Staff assisted me in understanding the available resources and programs that would lessen the stress and anxiety I felt when I was on my own" 

" I have extreme anxiety and I was just leaving a domestic violent relationship. I felt depressed, isolated, fearful and my self esteem was not good. From working with the staff of OHOLLC, after 3 months I started to feel better, less isolated and I am still being supported in my journey related to my behavioral health,"  be. I am happy my insurance plan linked me to this organization"

As a 23-year-old I learn different and I have a fear of  bridges, bugs and large crowds, I was unsure if the staff members of yet my 5th attempt to receive services would be fine. I am still learning to manage my fears and phobias.  I am also receiving support to help me and I will start doing more things on my own"

" My family and I were among the first families who become clients of OHOLLC in 2014. Through the tireless support of the organization, and learning by the encouragement and support of the staff to manage many resources and financial structure on my own. We became clients again in 2020 while were at risk of becoming homeless and then becoming homeless.. Through counseling and the support provided by the staff of OHOLLC my Behavior Health is managed better, I am now in permanent housing and I am hoping soon that my teenage daughters will receive counseling from OHOLLC"


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