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Targeted Case Management Services

Assist individuals (recipients) in gaining access to needed medical, social, educational and other services including but not limited to

  • Referral and connection to needed medical services

  • Mentoring and Counseling

  • Obtaining incentives and rewards for completing tasks related to achieving healthier outcomes

  • Understanding all benefits that are offered to clients to access social and healthcare related items

    • Child Support​

    • Cash Assistance

    • TANF

    • SNAP

    • HUD

  • Housing Assistance, support and obtainment

  • Social Security and Disability Benefit Payee Benefits 

  • Assistance with Legal Situations

  • Assistance with Juvenile Justice Systems or Judicial meetings

  • Classroom and Education Advocacy

  • Navigating complex systems for needed services

  • Medication obtainment and management

  • Assistance with obtaining employment

  • Applying for and maintaining eligibility for needed programs or services

  • Assisting with enhancing, obtaining or continuing education

  • Assistance and advocacy for obtaining clothes, shoes, shelter, and other daily living essentials

  • Financial management and budgeting

  • Advocacy and assistance with obtaining support services



Mental Health Counseling

  • Solution Focused Therapy

  • Family-Centric Therapy

  • Individual Counseling

  • Group Counseling

  • Home and School based therapy sessions

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Helping Hands

Mentoring and Psychosocial Rehabilitation(PSR) 

PSR Services are to assist and educate clients with mental, behavior health conditions and/or social economic needs with developing skills to better manage health conditions and excel in activities of daily living.

  • Behavior Modification

  • Development and Maintenance of Daily Living Skills

  • Substance Abuse Management and Recovery

  • Community resources (i.e. healthy activities such as sports, library, and community events)

  • Money and Financial Management

  • Focus on raising standardized test scores

  • Empowerment for the development of healthy interpersonal skills

  • Social Skills (i.e. initiating conversations, listening, building the symptoms, making friends)

  • Coping skills development

  • Independent Living

  • Peer support

Mentoring Services

  • Money and Financial Management

  • Individual and group mentoring sessions 

  • Focus on raising standardized test scores

  • Empowering youth to develop healthy interpersonal skills

  • College Preparation and College Readiness

  • Tutoring Services

  • Peer Support

Influence. Educate. Empower!

It is our belief that with the proper tools and guidance, all children and adults alike encompass the ability to enhance their lives for the better. Our  programs are centered around helping our clients to succeed in all aspects of life according to their unique abilities.  

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