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Reducing Mental Health Stigma One Post at a Time

In America there is so much pressure and emphasis on being what is considered healthy on the outside, but not enough discussion regarding total wellness to include mental, physical and mindfulness living.

We live in a capitalist society that attempts to equate our worth on our productivity. Within this social “normalcy” healing may feel as if we are less productive and thus less valuable. You have to go through the process to get through the process.

Healing is a process and sometimes the process is rapid and sometimes it takes a few more times to fall down, but as long as you get up each time and do not stay down you are doing a great tasks. It is perfectly normal to sometimes feel frustrated with yourself when your healing process is taking longer than the last experience or situation that you thought man how much more stronger can I be?!

Sometimes we dont share because we do not want to hear the positives when in our moment in our time, things are not well. It is especially normal for those who are the closest to us to want us to immediately feel better, better cope with the experience or situation..

1 and 4 people have some sort of mental, emotional and behavioral condition. The more we talk about it the more normal it becomes. AND IT IS OKAY TO HEAL SLOWLY AS LONG AS YOU, ME, US, THEM HEAL.

Struggling Isn’t Failing – Healing Isn’t Linear


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