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Have you or someone you know experiencing any of the following?

  • 1. You just really do not feel like you are worthy or just not like your normal self.

  • 2. You have been feeling more anger, rage, anxiety, sadness, or hopeless

  • 3. You have started to participate in activities that cause your self harm and put you are risk. These activities include cutting, sexual recklessness, not going to work.

  • 4. You have started to participate in activities that significantly impact your finances.

  • 5. You’ve gone through a major life change that is drastically impacting your ability to live independently, you are having difficulty adjusting or it is impacting your sense of self worth.

  • 6. You’ve experienced a traumatic event that is impacting your ability to sleep, focus, engage in normal activities.

  • 7. You’re having thoughts of suicide/self-harm

  • 8. Others have expressed concerns about you

  • 9. An important relationship is in trouble. This could be a relationship with your child, sibling relationships, your significant other, or someone else important to you.

  • 10. You’ve developed compulsive behavior(s). Example overeating, gambling or exhibiting other compulsive behaviors that have gone beyond your control.


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